Welcome to the Meadowridge at Timberhill HOA Website

  Meadowridge is a neighborhood of 93 homes and lots at the northern boundary of Timberhill. The Meadowridge Homeowners Association strives to "enhance and protect the value, desirability, and attractiveness of the Property…" as stated in the CC&R's.
Numerous common areas, landscaping and walking paths add to the character of this community.

  Owners, prospective owners and residents need to be aware of the governing rules found in the CC&R's and By Laws. Answers to most questions about HOA member responsibilities can be found within those documents and this website.

  An all-volunteer Board of Directors conducts business meetings, sets policies, and addresses concerns of members. The position of HOA director provides an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the livability of the Meadowridge neighborhood. Board decisions affect both our individual and community welfare as well as financial well-being of the HOA. All owners are invited to the annual meeting which is held early in the year (TBA) and where the Board of Directors is elected. Regular Board meetings occur 2-5 times/year as needed. All Board meetings are open to Meadowridge owners. Please give serious consideration to serving on the Meadowridge HOA Board.

  The Meadowridge Board of Directors does not conduct day-to-day business such as accounting, overseeing the landscapers, other contractors and administrative duties. This has been contracted to Fleming Properties, LLC. For payment of the semi-annual dues ($375/6 months), contact WCM. Dues Assessments cover landscapers and irrigation, maintenance of common areas, insurance, reserves, and administrative expenses.

  For owners who are building new homes, adding outbuildings and fences, planning exterior remodeling or significantly altering landscaping, the Architectural Review Committee must approve those plans first.



Meadowridge at Timberhill