Willamette Community Management.

    Effective July 1, 2011, Willamette Community Management has been contracted by the Meadowride at Timberhill HOA for the billing and collection of homeowner's dues.

Who is Willamette Community Management?
    Willamette Community Management (WCM) is a consulting firm for Homeowner Associations in the City of Corvallis, Oregon. Their team consists of Dave Stubbs and Kurt Pand Beth Powell.

    More information about Willamette Community Management can be found at www.willamettecm.com

What does Willamette Community Management do?
    Dave Stubbs and Kurt and Beth Powell of Willamette Community Management are essentially the "office managers" for Meadowridge at Timberhill. They send monthly statements, collect assessments, monitor delinquent bills, and ensure that the Meadowridge at Timberhill HOA's bank account is balanced.

When should I contact Willamette Community Management?
    Willamette Community Management is your primary point of contact for billing questions about Meadowridge at Timberhill.

How do I contact Willamette Community Management?
    You can reach Dave Stubbs or Kurt and Beth Powell at Willamette Community Management in any of the following ways:

    By telephone at (541) 602-1775.

    By e-mail at "WCM@WillametteCM.com"

    By post at the HOA's address:
        Willamette Community Management, Meadowridge at Timberhill,
        PO Box 2264
        Corvallis, OR 97339-2264.

Meadowridge at Timberhill